As well as daffodils and bank holidays, spring is the time when we enjoy working with a group of Austrian trainee teachers from the Pädagogische Hochschule in Baden. This year’s group was with us for two weeks, during which they spent three days in local schools, participating in lessons, giving presentations about Austria, and taking part in a range of activities from a school singing competition to football training with semi-professional players. Their programme at NILE, taught by Tom Sarney and Tony Prince, was labelled ‘language improvement’, but their language level was so good that it should have been renamed ‘language enhancement’. The course also included a special component of drama workshops given by NILE’s regular drama specialist, David Farmer, who will be co-directing our open enrolment August course on Literature and Drama in Language Teaching.


 “Tony is one of the most focused, flexible and competent teachers I have had.”

“I really enjoyed the activities we did with Tom because they really helped us to share our opinions and to improve our English skills”

“All the staff were really friendly and supportive.”

“The drama activities were great fun and useful.”

“The school practice was so great; we were allowed to attend and watch any lesson we wanted to.”

“The social programme was great, especially the ghost walk and the pub quiz.”



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