During the closing weeks of September NILE welcomed a group of 22 trainee primary teachers from Austria for a 9-day course centred around school placements. The course was created to enhance the trainees' knowlegde of English education systems, English culture, and most importantly, English language teaching.

Course trainers Maria Byrne and Chris Rose took care of the group for the first 2 days of their course, as they prepared them for their 5-day placements accross local primary schools. Aside from their time spent training, the group explored Norwich and the surrounding areas by attending welcome drinks at the local pub, boating on the Norfolk Broads (pictured), visiting historical Cambridge, and even going for farewell tea at the wonderful Assembly House!

The group of trainees were led by Marie-Theres Hofer, who reported that the course was "interesting and joyful" and from the feedback from other course members included below, it would appear that this certainly was the case:


“I take a lot of impressions and ideas with me and improved my English.”

“The teacher was very open-minded and friendly.”

“We got good information about the school system - it was very helpful.”

“NILE was great!!!”

“I really liked the day-trip to Cambridge, you could see another town and it is also very famous for its universities.”


Overall the group had a very successful and enjoyable experience here at NILE that we hope will aid them when continuing their teaching training back in Austria!

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