With many fond farewells and Christmas carols ringing around us, we said goodbye this week to a fantastic group of 23 teachers from Yunnan province in China, who had been studying at NILE for thirteen weeks developing their language proficiency and awareness, critical thinking, communicative methodology, intercultural awareness and practical teaching skills.

The group had a great time inside and outside the classroom, and the impact the course has had on them as teachers and professionals, as well as personally, is clear from their comments:

"The course was very meaningful for us"

"This is the highest quality among all the training I have ever received"

"I have new teaching beliefs and new teaching behaviours"

"The course has made me confident in my future teaching"

"The trainers' devotion to their career touched and moved me so much - their ways of teaching are unique, creative and practical"

The group also made a big impact on us at NILE, with trainers declaring the course some of the most satisfying and rewarding teacher training they have been involved in, and hosts and NILE staff alike enjoying their enthusiasm for all things NILE and Norwich. One of the highlights was certainly their rendition of 'The Twelve Days of Christmas' at the farewell dinner, and thy will all be very much missed.


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