NILE is pleased to work with English2Go school to offer a tailormade programme to welcome Torno Subito funded Lazio residents to Norwich!

The Torno Subito Initiative offers scholarships for Italian residents of the Lazio Region to live and learn abroad, and to utilise their new knowledge and skills upon their return to Italy.

The Torno Subito Initiative aims to
•    strengthen and improve the human capital of young people by encouraging the mobility in Europe and abroad
•    encourage the acquisition of qualified skills through combined study and work experience pathways
•    promote the enhancement of the experience and the redeployment of the acquired skills in the Lazio region, thereby increasing the opportunities for qualified employment

The project consists of two phases:

Phase 1: attending training and professional development outside the Lazio Region
Phase 2: to deploy skills acquired during phase 1 inside the Lazio Region

The Torno Subito scholarship covers the total NILE course fees, which includes tuition, materials, end of course certification, use of specialist ELT library and online resource centre, course specific digital learning platform and student welfare services. A  separate living allowance is also included in the scholarship.

NILE has created a tailor made offer for applicants wishing to spend Phase 1 in the UK. We offer two different paths, both lasting 13 weeks: 

Torno Subito Courses at NILE More info
English for Employability More info
Language Teaching Qualification  More info


To be eligible for Torno Subito funding, you must be

  • a Lazio resident for at least 6 months 
  • aged between 18 and 35
  • a student or graduate (any course)
  • unemployed (registered with the Centro per L'Impiego) 

Applying for the programme:

  1. Learn more about the programme at NILE's partner English2Go's site and book an interview with a member of our staff to get more information about the courses you would like to attend.  
  2. English2Go will then help you with all the paperwork and documents you will have to provide in order to apply on the Torno Subito online platform.
  3. When you are ready to apply for the bursary, you can register on the project platform and follow the instructions. (You will need an Italian PEC email address).