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The Power-Up series of online teacher development courses makes innovative use of digital resources to “power up” a new set of teaching skills in a short space of time.

Each course focuses on a specialised area of teaching and provides the tools to enable teachers to incorporate these new skills into their practice straight away. Strong tutor presence and emphasis on practicality and immediate application set this short innovative course apart from other online teacher development courses. With engaging multimedia course content and plenty of flexibility, a wide range of teachers around the world can gain the confidence and knowledge to bring a new practical dimension to their teaching.

"I have learnt many new techniques that will help in my ELT and make my classes more student centred. In fact, I have already started implementing some of them in my lessons and my students appreciate the change."

Siham, Drama Games for Language Teaching ,2018

Bringing together the highly acclaimed NILE Online platform and the expertise and experience of well-known specialists in their fields, each three-week course provides a rapid learning experience which is ideal for busy teachers. Past participants have especially appreciated the practical outcomes of the course and the personal feedback received. 

Meet all our Power-Up trainers in our LaunchPad event, 15 Tips to Motivate your learners

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More Power-Up courses are currently being developed on Learning Differences and Teaching Spelling.


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