The MA in Professional Development in Language Teaching modules are available face to face and online.

The online modules are available throughout the year, and all face-to-face modules can be taken in at NILE in Norwich in the summer.

To provide the highest possible level of flexibility we also deliver face-to-face modules in select partner host venues around the world, including Brazil, Uruguay, Mexico, Argentina and Switzerland. 

The host venues are chosen by NILE and characterised by their shared reputations as premier institutions involved in language education in their respective countries. To become an ‘overseas’ MAPDLE venue the potential centre must meet NILE’s own criteria for suitability, which involves a visit by a senior member of the NILE team to ensure direct awareness of the premises, facilities and staffing available to support delivery at the highest levels of quality. The potential venue must also be ‘vetted’ by the MAPDLE’s validating body, the University of Chichester. 

In 2019 and 2020 we offer the core module in the following overseas institutions:


MA in Language Teaching Methodology

PH Schwyz, Switzerland



MA in Language Teaching Methodology

AEXALEVI, Buenos Aires, Argentina



MA in Materials Development for Language Education (TBC)

The Instituto Anglo-Uruguayo, Montevideo, Uruguay


MA in Language Teaching Methodology (TBC)

The Anglo, Mexico City


We are currently in discussions with other potential partner host venues, with a view to deliver MA modules worldwide. For more infomation and how to apply please contact NILE's Registrar Alison Lake.

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