How to Teach English as a Lingua Franca shows you exactly how you can start teaching English for global communication, helping your students become more successful and effective users of the language. This unique course offers you practical teaching ideas which are based on over two decades of research into how English is used in international lingua franca contexts, showing you how you can raise students’ awareness, teach pronunciation more effectively, adapt your course book and teach communicative skills.

The course takes you from cutting-edge research findings through easy-to-apply pedagogical principles to practical activities you can use right away with your students. You will benefit from a unique blend of high-quality videos, carefully-selected reading materials and downloadable worksheets. You will learn faster thanks to interactive mini tasks spread throughout the course that will encourage you to put what you have learnt into practice and discuss the ideas with your tutor and other course participants. As the final assignment, you will also get to prepare a lesson plan or adapt materials you are familiar with, so that you walk away with a tangible outcome that can be incorporated into your teaching immediately.

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How to Teach English as a Lingua Franca includes:

  • Clear pedagogical principles for teaching English as a Lingua Franca
  • Activities and lesson plans to help you teach pronunciation
  • Practical research-based ideas how to teach the key communicative skills
  • Step-by-step guide how to adapt your course book to teaching English as a Lingua Franca
  • Activities to help you raise students’ awareness
  • A 3-week course with continual support at every stage and detailed feedback on the final project
  • An estimated 7-8 hours study per week
  • NILE certification awarded on completion of course content
  • Live webinars and detailed online learning materials

The programme will be assessed by a final assignment and detailed feedback will be delivered within 5 working days of the end of the course. Certification is only awarded to students who successfully complete the final assignment.

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This course is a collaboration between NILE Online and Marek Kiczkowiak of Participants will receive allocated tutor interaction and feedback in each unit they take.

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  • Teachers at any level who wish to start teaching English for global communication
  • The focus is on English teachers, but many of the ideas presented in the course will also be useful for those involved in writing materials or teacher training.
  • Participants should have a minimum language level corresponding to B1 on the Common European Framework
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  • In the Dates & Fees tab, choose which course you would like to attend
  • If you already have a NILE account, sign in on the website
  • If you do not already have a NILE account, register on the website and then sign in
  • Complete the full online enrolment and payment process
  • Once we have received notification of your payment, you will be provided with all necessary pre-course documentation

Your fees should be paid in full prior to starting your course.

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This course is available on demand only. To express your interest, please contact


Programme Schedule:

Sunday week 1
Opening webinar and course content released

Sunday week 3
Second webinar and setting of final coursework

Sunday week 4
Final course assessment handed in

Friday week 4
Feedback sent and certification awarded

Complete recordings of the live webinar sessions will be available to all participants in case you are unable to attend.


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Course Fee 150.00
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