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The Flipped Classroom involves taking some of the teaching material out of the lesson itself and putting it online so the students can work with it at home. By doing this, more classroom time is freed up for group and task-based types of activities. 

 Already some experience with the flipped classroom? Take it to the next level. Russell and NILE have launched a new Power-Up course: Assessment and Evaluation in the Flipped Classroom

We are immensely proud of Power-Up: Flipping Your Classes being named a finalist in the prestigious ELTons Awards, in the category for Innovation in Teacher Resources.

In Flipping Your Classes you will create your own flipped classroom and work with international participants to develop your skills and understanding of this concept. 

This 3-week online programme, part of our Power-up series, is a collaboration between NILE and teachertrainingvideos.com. Russell's video The Key Principles Behind Power-Up: Flipping Your Classes explains the concept further:

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‘This course blew me away, it was more than I expected on several levels and it really got me charged up to plow ahead with flipping. Without a doubt I will be taking more courses with you so I'll say "until the next time" ’

Robert Ransley
The Anglo House Academy Los Santos de Maimona, Spain


In Flipping Your Classes you can expect:

  • a practical, hands-on course where you will build your own Flipped Classroom.
  • a combination of live webinars and specialist online learning material.
  • a 3-week course with continual support at every stage and detailed feedback on final project.
  • an estimated 7-8 hours study per week
  • NILE certification awarded on completion of course content.
  • a course delivered by British Council ELTons winner Russell Stannard.

The opening webinar takes place on a Sunday 7pm UK time. The programme will be assessed by a final assignment and detailed feedback will be delivered within 5 working days of the end of the course. Certification is only awarded to students who successfully complete the final assignment.

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This programme is run by NILE and teachertrainingvideos.com, and after fantastic feedback on previous courses, we are very happy to be able to offer this course again. The programme is limited to just 15 places, offered on a first-come, first-served basis, early booking essential.


Who should apply: 
  • Any teachers interested in developing the technical skills to produce a Flipped Classroom course. The focus is in language teachers but the practical nature of this course means that it is relevant to any teacher in any subject area.
  • Teachers interested in developing their skills in the applications of Information and Communication Technology in language teaching
  • Participants should have a minimum language level corresponding to B1 on the Common European Framework.
How to apply: 
  • In the Dates & Fees tab, choose which course you would like to attend
  • If you already have a NILE account, sign in on the website
  • If you do not already have a NILE account, register on the website and then sign in
  • Complete the full online enrolment and payment process
  • Once we have received notification of your payment, you will be provided with all necessary pre-course documentation

Your fees should be paid in full prior to starting your course.

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Dates & fees: 

Programme Schedule:

Sunday 6 September (Day 1) 7.00pm
Opening webinar and course content released

Sunday 20 September (Day 15) time to be agreed
Second webinar and setting of final coursework

Sunday 27 September (Day 22)
Final course assessment handed in

Friday 2 October (Day 27)
Feedback sent and certification awarded

Complete recordings of the live webinar sessions will be available to all participants in case you are unable to attend.


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Course Fee 150.00

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